{Suicide is the only escape from your depraved existence.}

|Send me pictures of your scars, they make my dopamine skyrocket l0le|






A quick list of things I don't participate in or condone:

HvH or their autistic community spedfests.

Harmful Doxxing or pizza bombing. You are a depraved nigger if you feel necessary to attack people outside of the internet because they hurt your feelings online.

"Packing" or whatever autistic monkey noises you think "packing" is. Yelling into your mic with the gain up and using VST plug-ins makes you a fucking faggot and nothing more l0le.

I am a simple man, I have simple aspirations, I have clear goals. Fix yourself if you are not able to reflect on your actions and atone for them properly. Every man sins. Every man falters. Real men stand up and admit their faults and ensure they foolproof themselves for the future.

You are a faggot if you think this page is cringe, it took me 2 minutes on html5-editor.net kill yourself LOLE